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Contact Silver City Surfers - Tel: 07799 371329

Silver City Surfers is a charity which aims to help older people with modern technology, thereby reducing loneliness and isolation for those aged over 55 within the City of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. We provide free tutoring and support on all forms of modern technology (e.g. laptops, iPads & other tablets, phones, digital cameras, etc) through mentoring and one-to-one support sessions provided by experienced volunteers. It is important for us to make these sessions friendly and welcoming thus providing regular social interaction - coffees and teas are offered thus creating the feel of an Internet Cafe. Please contact us for more information. We would be delighted to help you.

Where We Are


11am-1pm The Seaton Star Flat,
14A Seaton Dr, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB24 1UX (01224 524209)

2.30-4pm Charles Michie’s Café,
391 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6BX (01224 585312)


10am-1pm The Citadel (Basement)


11am-1pm Cummings Park Community Flat, 122 Cummings Park Drive, Aberdeen


10am-1pm The Citadel (Basement)


On Tuesday, 9th September at The Citadel (1pm), Silver City Surfers is helping to present the humorous play, One Foot In The Door. in this year’s 50+ family Festival in Aberdeen. This play is based on real life tales from Aberdeen to keep dodgy characters away.

Just as Scrooge was visited by three ghosts, our hapless souls are visited by three dodgy characters in one day - and they get the chance to get it right second time around!  With lots of laughs and useful tips along the way, Baldy Bane’s cautionary comedy answers some relevant questions: How do you deal with strangers at the door? Do they really use mastic on the Space Shuttle? And how do you sign someone’s bottom?

A thirty minute drama, plus activities from Adult Protection, Police Scotland, Local Banks, John Lewis, Silver City Surfers and Footprints Connect.  There will be a Q&A session after the play so if you have any questions, please ask them.  We hope this event will help you recognise and deal with fraud whether it is at your door, via telephone or the internet.

THIS EVENT IS FREE though entry is by ticket only. These free tickets are available from Aberdeen Box Office on 01224 641122 (online booking available